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Conference 2014

The Educating Harlem project sponsored a public conference in October 2014. 

All events at
177 Grace Dodge Hall, Teachers College
525 W. 120th St., New York, NY


8:30 Registration opensTeachers College security requires all guests to sign in and show photo ID. As this process takes a few minutes, we encourage you to arrive early so that you can be registered before the 9:00 am start. 

9:00 Welcome

9:30 Research panel #1 – Defining the “urban” for schools, systems, and teachers

Thomas Harbison (Independent Scholar): ‘A Serious Pedagogical Situation’: Diverging School Reform Priorities in Depression-Era Harlem

Kimberley Johnson (Barnard College): The Struggle against “Urban” Education: The Rise and Fall of Wadleigh High

Bethany Rogers (College of Staten Island) and Terrenda White (University of Colorado – Boulder): Teaching Harlem: Teachers and Teacher ‘Quality’ in District 5, 1969-Present

11:30 Lunch and participatory workshop

12:45 Research panel #2 – The arts in, and as, education

Jonna Perrillo (University of Texas – El Paso):  Bringing Harlem to the Schools: Langston Hughes’ ‘The First Book of Negroes’ and Crafting a Juvenile Readership

Dan Perlstein (University of California – Berkeley):  Educating the New Negro: Teaching and Learning in African American Literature and Life

Lisa Rabin (George Mason University) and Craig Kridel (University of South Carolina): Cinema for Social Change: The ‘Human Relations Film Series’ of the Harlem Committee of the Teachers Union, 1936-1950

3:00 Research panel #3 – Harlem’s educational activisms 

Ansley Erickson (Teachers College, Columbia University): ‘The Helpers as Well as the Helped’: Kenneth Clark, Olivia Frost, and Youth Research in 1960s Harlem

Nick Juravich (Columbia University): Paraprofessional Educators in Harlem and East Harlem, 1960-1980

Marta Gutman (City College of New York): I.S. 201: Space, Race, and Modern Architecture in Harlem

Heather Lewis (Pratt Institute):  “There is No Board of Education for Harlem”: The I.S. 201 Experimental District and Its Aftermath 

5:00 Reception

6:00 Edmund Gordon Lecture by Vanessa Siddle Walker

Continuing Problems and Forgotten Solutions: Resurrecting the Historical Resistance Strategies of Southern African American School Leaders